How much is a liter of WaterStillar drinking water for my family ?

The answer to this question is based on assumptions. They are perhaps more important than the number itself – so here is a basic model:

(Cost of system + shipping + local taxes + installation + maintenance cost + spare parts + energy consumption + financial cost) DIVIDED by (no. of years life expectancy * no. of liters of drinking water produced).

IF a WaterStillar Family system lives for 20 years and cost €3000 + (20%)VAT + €300 shipping + €400 for installation + €100 for maintenance and makes average only 10 liters per day on solar power only – then the price per liter drinking water is roughly €0,06 per liter. If it makes 15 liters per day, the price is about €0,04. Then deduct the value of 20 years of free hot bathing water. Then deduct the cost of the time / effort / transport expenses you have collecting drinking water from your local supermarket in 20 years. Then you will have your price – we could claim the price is in the range of 0.01-0.04€ – but please do your own math based on the above model and your own assumptions.

Payback times for our systems

From day one you have a WaterStillar system, you will save money. How much you save, depends on your drinking water consumption, how much you pay for the drinking water in bottles and if you can change your habits and bring your own drinking water form home. If you can quantify these numbers, you will know which day the system has paid for itself in savings.

Another way of looking at the investment: If you do not have to borrow the money for a system, how much interest do you get from your bank compared to the savings that money will give you buying a WaterStillar system?

A non-monetary question: When is the system worth it, if it saves illnesses ? We know that water related illnesses is filing half of the worlds hospital beds. 

Same drinking water price, year after year

Once installed in your home, you can ignore the increase in drinking water prices for the next +20 years. You will be independent and have free drinking water for many years. Do you think that drinkingwater prices goes up or down in the next +20 years?

B2B: Fixed price from day one

Our B2B solution, WaterStillar Works, is sold on a production based agreement for up to 5 years. Prices ranges typically between €0,10 to €0,20 per liter, but will vary depending on local conditions and how complex the installation is. System, transportation, installation and maintenance is included. Please note that we can only enter these agreements, where we have local representation.

Choose the cleanest water

What is the value of clean drinking water ?

If you are really thirsty, you will give anything for some water. If the only reason for moving from one place to another is water related, you will pay a lot to have clean drinking water. If you are getting sick from heavy metals or other substances in your drinking water, you will pay any price. If you have children and you want to give them a good start in life, you will pay for clean water. The list goes on – clean drinking water is our first concern.

To governments: Health care is one of the biggest expenses. Some people have free health care, some do not. Clean drinking water is of the highest concern (UN, Economic Forum etc etc) today, and tomorrow it is an even bigger concern. Please discover and invest in ecological, sustainable and rigid technologies that at least give clean drinking water for human consumption. WaterStillar is one of these niche products.