Imagine to have the cleanest drinking water in a tap

In many places, you can drink the water straight from the tap and not worry . If that is the case, do so. But often it is not the case and then you have to do something about it – in most cases filters and/or bottled water. WaterStillar is another option, with a strong set of advantages. 

WaterStillar puts packaging, transportation, waste, fossile fuels and chemicals out of the equation. And we make the cleanest water available, regardless of what kind of water is pumped into your home or business.

No more carrying drinking water in plastic bottles

What is the heaviest item in your grocery bag? What takes up the most space in your kitchen? What beverage do you need every day? What cost 2-3 times as much if you want a 0,5 liter bottle in stead of a unhandy 1,5 liter bottle? Can you carry and flip over a 5GL bottle?

Water is heavy (!), which is why pipes and pumps has helped us tremendiously. Not only do most of us not have to carry water, but the pipes wayer systems also helps with hygiene and water loss. Water management systems to keep water under control (both hygiene and water loss) is big business – some cities loses half of the water pumped out due to cracks in the pipe system. And then the hygiene goes off. And then chlorination is used to keep the bacteriology down. And then the water only only tatse bad – but also has a long term health risk. 

That is where the need for a water purification system is needed. WaterStillar will clean everything for decades. Filters will take out something…in the beginning. 

Ignore branding and marketing of bottled water

We all know that branding is the best way of asking more money for a given product or service. We also know that is the branding doesn’t keep up with the quality of the product/servise – the business will die. But there are some exceptions, one is bottled water.

How is it possible to grow a business world wide with an average growth rate of 10-20% for a product that is extremely expensive; that is no different than what many customers have in their tap; creates a massive carbon footprint; massive waste problems; has chemicals and quality issues?? Well, the answer is branding for a lot of money in more than 30 years now – and it promises you health, the right lifestyle, a good life and the self image you have been looking for….

At WaterStillar we will never tell you what to think or promise your a happy family if you drink our water. We will stand behind our core technology and what it does. We make distilled water in the most gentle way (like rain) that you can drink directly – but if you want to add something to the water, it is up to your conviction or taste. 

Endless supply of drinking water

The solar powered WaterStillar systems can be run on gravity and solar power only. So if you end up in a situation where water supply is cut off or simply ends due to draught, and you only have your own (dirty) borehole or surface water to use, then you can modify these systems to keep running. All you need is to pump or lift water into a tank above the systems and then they will work. If you are a “prepper” you will love this if you live in a city with water restrictions you will love it too.

Living off grid is another tendency, but has always been restricted by the water source. With a WaterStillar Family system you do not have to worry about the drinking water – or your hot bathing water.

That’s convenient!