Distillation – we take water out of water !

Distillation is a process of separating the component substances from a liquid mixture by selective evaporation and condensation. In our case turn fluid water into a gas of H and O – and then reassemble the H and O’s into … water. In the same way as nature has provided all living creatures with clean water forever.

Distillation is state of the art water purification, if not compromised. It is hugely energy demanding and therefore a very expensive technology to run. We use free solar power and accept that we will never be able to compete with the effectiveness of filter-systems. We make small volumes in the highest quality instead.

AquaDania’s innovative technology was from the start based on an accelerated version of nature’s own process with solar heat based evaporation of multiple water sources followed by condensing into distilled fresh water. Today also versions based on electric energy exist for climates less favoured by solar energy.

During my previous position as Head of Innovation, Industrial Water & Technology, at DHI – Godkendt Teknologisk Serviceinstitut in Denmark – I have followed the company since the early start and have undertaken third party performance tests in the lab and in the field. Technologies like this is encouraging in a world calling for innovative and sustainable solutions to help providing access to clean drinking water for all.

Gert Holm Kristensen,
Partner and Senior Consultant,
Water Technology Innovation, 
IN-Water ApS

As the former GM for SAS Radisson Blu in El Quesir, I can hereby state that the hotels staff compound was provided with drinking water from a 5 unit WaterStillar® Works system in 2010 and that it was running without problems for 7 months until I left the hotel, providing some 35.000 liters of drinking water.

Before installing the system, the WaterStillar® technology was stress tested. Regardless of feed water (red sea water, RO-water, brine from RO) the water quality was better than the bottled water, which led to installing the system.

Maik Schaeffer,
Radisson Blu
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