General advice

We all know that we need to drink water every day. When it is hot and/or when we do sports the need is bigger. But how much and what should you drink? Here are some guidelines:

Water vs Energy drinks

When should you drink more than just plain water?


To recover water and salts after training is an important part of restitution. You should drink 1.2-1-5 liter for each kilo lost during training.

Energy drinks containing electrolytes are designed for this, but if you just eat normal food you’ll get the salt you have lost during sport just as well. If you have lost a lot of sweat(and thereby salt) you should add more salt to your food after training.

Remember: Restitution after training is preparation for next training. Drink water in a steady paste and get to know your body and listen to signals. Get used to drinking a little, but all the time. 

Water loss during training ?

If you pee less than normal, you are most likely dehydrated. The color of your pee tells you the same – the darker the more dehydrated you are.

A simple way to estimate your water loss is a test:

Do you sweat a lot of salt?

Some athletes loses a lot of salt during training – some lose up to 3-4 grams during 1-2 hours of training. This loss of salt is important to regain during/after training – otherwise muscle cramps may occur.

Energy drinks with high content of salt/sodium (600-1000 mg sodium per liter) can reduce the risk of muscle cramps. Not all sweats out same amount of salt – one way of testing this is to wear a black T-shirt and then look for salt crystals.