The quality, taste and story behind every drop of water from a WaterStillar system is second to none. So, we encourage our customers to help us build a brand – not by us telling what it is, but by sharing stories and designs from customers. Grass root branding !

Table water

Making the right impression is important when serving table water. Carafs or sealed bottles from your own drinking water system will make an impression – you just need to telle the story behind, serve it cold with or without bubbles and have the guests taste the water. The greatest taste and the best story to tell goes hand in hand. 

Glassware to underline the restaurant’s, bar’s, hotel’s quality and design line is just as important as the rest of the interior. 

Carry with you

Make a statement. Carry your drinking water with you and avoid plastic water bottles, when possible. Just make sure that your bottle is of a non-toxic material (steel or glass).

Drink at home

This container is a water jug that fits into a refrigerator. In this simple way you can have cold drinking water without haveing to buy a special watercooler.