WaterStillar Works

Our “big” and commercial system. We only sell the water we clean – not the system. Works is a multiple stage distillation system comprising a number of stacked sheets using natural convection, gravity and natural thermodynamics. It is very energy efficient, compact and modular. Works will clean most feed water, including sea water, and the customer will have perfect drinking water on site. Fully financed and serviced. Please get in touch – we can only provide this service in a few places.

“Drinking water for schools, hotels and workplaces – made locally from almost any water source”

WaterStillar Works is our B2B system that will purify locally available water to the cleanest drinking water possible. Works is modular and can provide from 100 – 600 liters / day / container. The WaterStillar® technology is in the basic configuration working at ambient pressure and without any sensors, controllers or other high-end technologies. WaterStillar® is trimmed for optimum performance in its basic, simple design. Of course, the system can be added all kind of extras – making it almost completely automated and remotely controlled. The WaterStillar® unit can be configured into a number of applications. The basic design is uniform – but size, materials, complexity and appearance will vary from application to application.

WaterStillar® can use energy from any power source – but solar collectors are preferred and should always be part of the energy supply. The system is not for sale, we sell the water in up to 5 years under a WPA (Water Purchase Agreement). System, installation, maintenance and service is included in the price per liter. Can be used for:

  • Places with many people who are given drinking water: schools, hotels, staff housing, offices, military outposts, health clinics, factories,  etc
  • Where people normally buy water: water shops, restaurants, bars, vending machines on the street etc
  • Health care, food, pharma, mining etc
  • Distilled water for laboratory use
  • Preprocess for sterile water for hospital use
  • Water for juices, ice cream and other foods
  • Process water for pharmaceutical use

The core WaterStillar® unit (patented) is our version of a multiple effect distillation apparatus. It is simple, highly energy efficiency and can be assembled after only a few hours of training. It is a number of stacked sheets working by natural convection, gravity and thermodynamics.

We use thermal solar collectors to power the distillation process and if needed, we add electrical power during nighttime to run the system 24/7 or on a cloudy day. The efficiency of the technology makes this possible.

Works can distill any kind of feed water – salt, brackish, contaminated – and will give the same perfect quality of distilled water. The system has been tested extensively for years, does not use chemicals, does not use high pressure and is completely quiet. As seen on the above picture, the housing can be covered up to blend into the surroundings.

The WaterStillar Works base system has internally 3 distillation units and is powered by 20 highly efficient thermal vacuum type solar tubes. This base system produces up to 150 liters of drinking water pr day and can be added more modules for more daily water – up to app 750 liters / day for one integrated system. If more water is needed, a parallel system is simply added to the site.

From the systems drinking water tanks (minimum 300 liters) any sort of additional equipment can be added: dispensers, coolers, adding gas, adding minerals, adding flavours etc.

A hotel or workplace with a sustainable ambition can give away/ sell a reusable water bottle and have a carry-on reminder of how to save the world from another plastic bottle.

Functional design signatures

  • Re-use of energy through numerous evaporation/ convection stages
  • Thin water film on sheets through feed water flow control
  • Complete separation of feed and distilled water – no cross over
  • All water movement is by gravity and one way only
  • No moving parts
  • No filters
  • No noise
  • Controlled vapor management for enhanced efficiency
  • Unique dosing unit for every stage
  • Forward flushing of dosing units and wicks
  • Almost tool-free design for (dis)assembly – only thing needed is a hex screwdriver
  • State of the art materials that are configured according to the feed water quality
  • Tolerates UV, heat, windy and harsh environment
  • Remote monitoring

Working principle and efficiency

Multi-stage evaporation made easy and with no moving parts. As heat is added to the lower heat exchanger, the feed water flowing over the hot area will evaporate and condense again on the sheet above. The condensation releases heat that heats up the next stage’s feed water and the process is repeated. A unit has normally 9 stages – but will vary depending on the sheet material’s corrosion profile and heat transfer capabilities. The energy efficiency of a WaterStillar Works unit has a GOR (gained output ratio) between 3.5 and 5, depending on configuration and feed water quality. This high efficiency means that it makes sense to use a wide range of alternative energy sources to work along with solar thermal power to achieve a 24H production window. WaterStillar Works is normally working at ambient pressure and at temperatures close to boiling point. Adding vacuum to the distillation units will dramatically increase the yield and efficiency, but also add technical complexity and challenges with biofouling. Adding more energy and superheating water into steam will also increase the yield, but also complexity. So, for drinking water, WaterStillar keeps the system simple and rigid. For industrial use and with the right organisational setup, WaterStillar can enter projects where the yield can be (much) higher.

Local and remote monitoring

WaterStillar Works is a relatively complex system and needs maintenance from time to time. WaterStillar will monitor every system to plan when and what kind of maintenance is needed. In combination with an occasional visit to the system, the steady daily production of drinking water can be achieved. This is also why Works is not a system for sale but a solution, where the system and organisation go hand in hand. A cable ethernet connection is preferred, but WIFI and GPRS connections are possible.

Get a Water Purchase Agreement (WPA)

The offer implies that we need partners or representation locally to install/maintain a WPA. We are expanding our business but for now, we can offer our WaterStillar Works solution in Greece.The price per liter will be offered taking the daily volume, the complexity of the installation, the location and the contract length in consideration. There will be an upfront fee for the start of the installation. This fee will be returned if the contract is not prolonged.

Additional information

Drinking water output

100 to 600 liters/day.


8 ft ; 10ft and 20ft shipping container


8ft: from 1200 kgs; 10ft: from 1300 kgs and 20ft: from 2500 kgs


We prefer white, but availability will determine


None. Silent.


Additional nighttime electrical heater is 2,2 kWh

Holding capacity

From 300 liter drinking water and upwards

Remote monitoring

Yes, via ethernet or wifi.




Fully serviced, but depends on complexity and feed water quality. Automated cleaning is standard, but average every 6 months manual service is needed.