WaterStillar Wall

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WaterStillar Wall is a combination of an electrical traditional water heater and a water distiller that makes 85 litres hot bathing water and up to 15 litres of drinking water per day. WaterStillar Wall is meant for homes in non-sunny areas of the world and for homes with no access to the sun.

The compact & electrical solution: 85 litres hot bathing water and up to 15 litres of drinking water per day.

WaterStillar Wall is a combination of an electrical traditional water heater and a water distiller. Wall is meant for homes in non-sunny areas of the world and for homes with no access to the sun. Wall is a combination of a distillation apparatus and an electrical water heater, where the distillation process is used to heat bathing water. The heat from the electrical heater is used to evaporate water and this vapor is condensed up against the bathing water tank, giving back the heat energy to the bathing water. Two in one. Wall is built in the best materials available – european stainless steel 316L on the inside and galvanized/powder coated steel on the outside. We have preinstalled both security and check valves, so that installation is easy: Simply connect to the cold and hot water line in your home – and plug it in. The minimalistic design reflects our Danish Design DNA. The colour is matte white – strong powder coating.

Design features

  • No moving parts, besides 2 valves that fills/flushes the boiler.
  • Air and vapour tight design that ensures a sterile environment for the drinking water
  • Compact (will fit in a 60 cm wide closet)
  • Made from food-grade stainless steel, not causing problems with approvals and no need for anodes
  • Thicker insulation (up to 60mm) – less energy loss
  • No noise (less than 30db)
  • Refillable carbon filter included (stainless steel / tri clamp)

Working principle and efficiency

WaterStillar Wall distills water at a ratio of 1:1 and is therefore not more efficient than a normal distilling device. But the initial energy consumption is used twice and the second “effect” is free: you pay electricity for drinking water, but gets hot bathing water as a nice, free bi-product. Or vice versa. And you have only one devise, not two. Your kitchen tabletop can then fit all the other devices, we all have there. As WaterStillar Wall is an on-demand system it is the only device in your home that you need to have bathing and drinking water all year round.


  • Hanging bracket
  • Security valve
  • Check valve
  • Refillable stainless steel activated carbon filter
  • Carbon for 5X refills
  • Drinking water pump
  • Stainless steel faucet with press and hold button

For a standard installation you only need to have A) screws or bolts for hanging bracket that fits the wall you have; B) the food grade hose between the pump and the faucet – and C) 2 flexible hoses to connect to the hot/cold water lines in your house.

Installation and maintenance

Wall is very compact and will fit in most apartments/houses. The internal drinking water tank can be connected to a dispenser, the fridge or simply a drinking water tap in the kitchen. Wall has a special electrical steam boiler. Total energy consumption is the same as in conventional water heaters for the same amount of hot water. Wall is fitted with a check valve, a security valve and a valve for emptying the system if necessary. The system is pressure tested when leaving our factory and all you need is to connect hot/cold water to your home – and have a single phase 230V power outlet close by. Installation should be done by a certified plumber, but you can do it yourself (local legislation may differ, so please check first). All post treatment-filters, such as mineral filters, are optional.  There is only 1 thing to maintain: Descaling the steam boiler. Just like your coffe machine needs descaling from time to time.

Safe and eco drinking water

Unlike other water technologies, unpressurized distillation at high temperatures will produce the cleanest water possible. In combination with an optional carbon filter, you will have endless clean drinking water for decades. Regardless of what is in your feed water – distillation is the safest choice. Having your own drinking water in your home will reduce the number of plastic bottles you will use and throw away. Carrying bottles home and getting rid of the plastic waste is something you can forget about. Convenient and sustainable!


Wall will run by factory settings without having to change anything. But if you want, you can connect Wall to the cloud and control it remotely. The mostly used feature is the ON/OFF – starting Wall in your summer cabin when leaving home is a nice feature.


Adding minerals, flavours, syrups, bubbles and cooling down your drinking water is optional. Connect the drinking water to your fridge or install a special drinking water tap at your sink, that will make the installation complete and easy to use.

Additional information

Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 125 × 50 × 50 cm
Drinking water storage capacity

25 liters. Internal water tank in stainless steel with male 1/2" connection

Hot water storage capacity

85 liters

Drinking water output

Up to 20 liters. Depends on the hot water usage. Average approximately 10-15 liters per day.


White. RAL 9010, shine 30.

Power consumption

800W / 230V, Temperature controlled


Less than 30dB and only when the boiler is active. Otherwise silent.

Length of cable

2 meter cabel. Schuko. Black.

Pipe connections

1/2" threaded NPT for all in and out connections



Temperature sensor

High temperature (180C), type pt1000.


High temperature PUR insulation. Extra thick – between 60 and 80mm.

Wall hanging bracket

3mm steel, galvanized and 3 pcs holes for bolts/screws

Pipe sizes (internal)

With pressure: 8mm John Guest tubes. No pressure tubes: Silicone hoses (10mm)

Solenoid valves

24V DC

Security valve

Yes, included. Opening pressure is 6 bar.

Check valve

Yes, included.

Overheating thermostat

Yes. Cut off temp is 130C. Can be reset by pressing the small red button.

Test pressure, water tank

12 Bar




WaterStillar Wall Brochure (September, 2021)

WaterStillar Wall v.2 Manual EN v 2.3

Wall product sheet 2



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How to


Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

The app allows you to control your Wall locally or from remote. You can control a number of variables and get notifications when it is time to clean it. Most used it the ON/OFF feature – you can let it be stand-by when not in use, and when you need warm bath and drinking water, you can switch it on remotely. A great feature if you have one in your weekend cabin.

If you do not have wifi, Wall has a hotspot. You can then use the app when close.

We have built in a frost protection feature. If Wall is connected to power and the temperature drops to under 5C, the boiler will override the OFF-status and keep the bathing water at 8C.