Pump for drinking water, electrical switch

 75.00 incl. Danish VAT (25%)

This pump features micro centrifugal pumps powered by brushless DC motors. They are designed to be cool, quiet, compact and lightweight. A variety of features, including a seal-less design to prevent leakage, stable performance, long life time (+20.000 hours) and made in food safe materials. The pump can be fitted inside a WaterStillar Wall (2nd generation) and the 24V power supply is provided on the control. This pump only works together with faucets with an electrical switch. For faucets with a normal valve, please look for a suitable pump with pressure-controlled on/off mechanism.

  • Flow rate of 7 liter/min and a max water head of 3 meters.
  • 24V/0,35A
  • ½” male connections
  • Materials: PPE, EPDM and ceramic

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm