Faucet, push and hold button

 160.00 incl. Danish VAT (25%)

This faucet is unique and is WaterStillar’ own design. When you push the electric button, the pump starts and water is flowing. When you let go of the button, the pump stops. This is a nice feature that prevents you from leaving the pump running, when there is no more water to pump. The pump would then run dry and break.

Made entirely of food grade satin polished stainless steel. The pipe swivels and it comes with a ½” connector that allows for connection to a quick fitting for 8mm pipe, that we recommend.

Internally there is no fluid connection between the water and the push switch. The extra long stem allows mounting on up to 80mm thick counter tops. The design allows for easy cleaning.

The faucet comes in a protective bag in a box.

Additional information


295mm heigh and the base is Ø43mm


1 kg


Satin polished stainless steel