WaterStillar Family

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200 liter hot bathing water & 15-liter drinking water from the sun

Family is a combination of a distillation apparatus and a solar water heater, where the distillation process is used to heat bathing water. The heat collected from the sun is used to evaporate water and this vapor is then used to heat the bathing water. WaterStillar Family will store up to 55 liters of drinking water, ready for you to drink.

Functional design signatures

  • No moving parts, besides a valve that fills the units with feed water
  • Air and vapour tight design that ensures a sterile environment
  • Compact
  • Made from food-grade stainless steel, not causing problems with approvals and no need for anodes
  • Thicker insulation (up to 60mm) – less energy loss
  • No overheating and risk of exploding tanks due to overheating. Self-limiting
  • Completely silent in a loud world.

Working principle and efficiency

WaterStillar Family distills water at a ratio of 1:1 and is therefore not more efficient than a normal distillation device. The trick is that the initial energy consumption is used twice and the second “effect” is a free bonus. WaterStillar Family can be fitted with an electrical heater that ensures a steady production of both hot bathing water and drinking water. Automatic or manual control. In this way, WaterStillar Family can be the only device in your home that you need to have bathing and drinking water all year round.

Installation and maintenance

WaterStillar Family can be placed on your roof or on the ground. Connecting Family to your water supply should be done by an authorized plumber. Since there is only one moving part in WaterStillar Family, it will last for many years and maintenance/repair will be at an absolute minimum and you can do it yourself. Installation is quite simple. Place the unit and bolt it down. Connect your ingoing water line. Connect your hot water pipe in your house. Connect another food grade pipe to your drinking water tap. Open for the feed water, wait for the sun and then enjoy. Depending on your feed water quality, WaterStillar Family needs to be descaled periodically. Just like your coffee machine needs descaling. This is done with the same descaler and needs to be done periodically. Your local water quality will determine how often. In areas with much calcium in the feed water, you can install a calcium filter on the ingoing line to the evaporator and thereby reduce the descaling frequency to a minimum.

Safe and eco drinking water

Unlike other technologies, distillation at high temperatures will produce the cleanest water possible. In combination with an optional carbon filter and UV-post treatment, you will have endless clean drinking water for decades. Regardless of what is in your feed water – distillation is the safest choice that no filter can match. The built-in water reservoir is kept sterile due to the design and therefore you will not have biofouling inside of WaterStillar Family. Having your own drinking water in your home will reduce the number of plastic bottles you use and throw away. Buy a nice glass bottle for your drinking water and use it for decades – fill your bottle from home and save money, save the environment and be sure of what you drink. Carrying bottles home and getting rid of the plastic waste is something you can forget about. Convenient and sustainable !


Adding minerals, flavours, bubbles and cooling down your drinking water is optional. We clean it and you add what you like.

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Additional information

Drinking water output

Average 15 liters per day (using solar only)., Up to 25 liters per day (using nighttime electrical heater)

Hot water storage capacity

200 liters

Drinking water storage capacity

Will store up to 55 liter inside, ready to use.


126 kgs


LxHxW: 2055 x 1480 x 1920mm

Noise level



White. RAL 9010, gloss 30

Connections for water lines

3/4" male threaded nipple for bathing water in and out. Drinking water is ½"

Solar vacuum tube

Heat pipe with 14mm head; 1800mm length and 58mm glass tube diameter

Test pressure, bathing water tank

10 bar



Optional electrical heater

2 kWh /230V