Drinking water pump

 125.00 incl. Danish VAT (25%)

Model: Lilie LS4121 (12V). It has a pressure switch that switches on the pump when you open the faucet.

The pump is selfpriming up to app 1 meter and can run dry for shorter periods. It can be mounted in any position and is easily fixed with 4 screws through the rubber feet. It makes very little noise and spare parts are available in most of the world. It is considered to be the workhorse amongst small drinking water pumps and holds a number of approvals for food/drink usage.

The softseries has a steady flow of water and make less noise compared to similar designs of small pumps.

The pump needs a separate 12V/8A power supply and CAN NOT be powered by the PCB (control board) in WaterStillar Wall.


Additional information


205 x 125 x 111 mm


1,7 kg

Drinking water storage capacity

7,2 l/min


½" male threads


12V / 7,5 A

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