Frequently asked Questions

Are there any bacteria /vira in the drinking water ?

No. Distillation just below boiling point will kill anything living and keeping the drinking water in a sterile environment until tapped, ensures a bacteria/vira free quality. The challenge is to keep the valves, pipes, bottles, pumps, post-filters etc clean. This is a matter of cleaning routines – just like any other kitchen devices that handles foods.

Are WaterStillar mobile systems

No. All of our systems are stationary and are meant to stay in their place for decades to provide drinking water. The preferred option for mobile systems are filters, which are compact, efficient and light compared to distillation systems.

Are WaterStillar systems patented?

Yes, AquaDania A/S hold 4 patents.

Can I pick up a system myself?

Yes. Our warehouse is close to Copenhagen Airport. Just let us coordinate the pick-up time with you and the warehouse.

Can other energy sources than solar be used?

For WaterStillar Works – yes. Any power supply that will bring the system close to boiling point, can be used. We have had requests about this from large CPV-systems that needed cooling; food factories with process heating and geo-thermal plants.
Family can be fitted with an electrical supplemet heater.
Wall in the current configuration can only run on electricity. In future new configurations will be made and it will be possible to use just about any heat source – incl wood and pellets.

Can WaterStillar Family run off grid (no electricity)

Yes. The system can run on gravity alone. All you need is a water tank placed higher than the system and from there on the system will work by gravity and simple thermodynamics alone.

Can WaterStillar Family withstand bad weather?

Yes, within limits. If the system is securily bolted to the ground/roof it is rigid enough to withstand almost any storm. The glass tubes are the most sensitive part. Any flying object will breake the glass. If that happens, the glass tubes can be replaced individually and there is no need of emptying the system from water.

Can WaterStillar run on PV’s in stead of thermal solar collectors?

Tricky question, but yes. Wall is fully electric and will of course run on electricity produced by a solar electrical system. Family and Works can be run by an electrical heater – but adding electrical solar collectors onto these systems will not make sense: They would need to be 5 times bigger to give the same amount of energy and the cost would be much higher for such system. But technically possible, yes.

Can WaterStillar systems remove arsenic ?


Can WaterStillar systems remove flouride?


Can WaterStillar remove nitrate?


Can WaterStillar remove bacterie, vira and cysts


Can WaterStillar remove heavy metals?


Can WaterStillar remove pesticides?

Yes. If not by distillation, then with a post treatment carbon filter.

Can we buy WaterStillar systems in the USA?

Yes, if you import the system (from the EU).
We plan to open an american based business and perhaps even manufacture our systems inside the US. When? As soon as possible, we are looking for the right partner, place and setup.

Can we handle maintenance ourselves?

For Wall and Family: Yes. For Works: No.
The manuals for Wall and Family will tell you what to do and spare parts can be bought through this website (if not locally available).
Works is maintained by WaterStillar’s trained personnel. Call them is something is wrong and needs attention.

Can we have the WaterStillar system in another colour?

Yes. There will be long delivery time and a price issue. A full series for a good architectucal fit will make things easier rather than having our factory handle a single system in another colour.
Write us and then we will discuss.

Can you make a lot of water in stead of just liters?

No. If you need cubic meters of water, you most likely need a filter system.
WaterStillar Works can be configures in parrallel, but competing with filter systems will due to price not be possible in most cases. If water quality is more important than price per liter (eg for process water for pharma), we may be able to deliver.

Can you ship worldwide ?

In principle yes. But shipping cost will in many cases be too high to make sense. Please get in touch and we will look intowhat can be done. In near future we hope to have logisyics sorted out to reach customers far away from Denmark.

Do we need minerals in our drinking water?

Yes and no. Please read a more fulfilling attemt to answer this under “Health” on this website. It is highly complex to answer this simple question. What we do is to ask you to make up your own mind and then remineralise the water to your likings/beliefs/knowledge.

Does WaterStillar systems make any noise?


How is the taste of the water from WaterStillar ?

We really do not want to tell you what it tastes like, but it is neutral and not flat. Tasting water is difficult and depends on a number of things – eg. best temperature for tasting water is 7C. Your mood is important. How thirsty you are is important. What you just ate is imprtant. Your personal taste and liking is perhaps the most important parameter.
Changing the taste is easy: Find the salt, mineral, aeration, carbon filter, fruit or vegetable you want to add to the water, and then enjoy.

How toxic is the brine from a WaterStillar system ?

Ever since we do not use chemicals (besides simple descaling agents) our brine contains exactly the same when leaving the system as when it enters. The brine from Wall and Family systems are simply sent to the drain and for Works it is either reused or (if salt water) sent back to the sea/well.

Why is distilled water so clean from a WaterStillar system?

We only do distillation, which is the most perfect water cleaning technology know to us. If distillation is done without boiling, at high temperatures, in a sterile environment that is opague, in food safe materials and kept sterile over time – then you have the cleanest water possible. Add a quality carbon filter as post treatment, then potential VOC’s will be removed as well.

Will biofouling occur?

Yes, it is unavoidable in any water system. But compared to other systems, WaterStillar will most likely outperform them in terms of long term effects. The temperatures in our systems will in practical terms keep the inside sterile for months if not years – but the pipes, filters and taps after the system is prone to biofouling and must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Can WaterStillar Family and Wall be used with sea water?

No. Both systems are made of stainless steel – and stainless steel 316L will not withstand hot sea water for more than a couple of days. Besides – who has sea water supplied to their homes? And who would take a bath in hot sea water?

Will salt and other substances build up in WaterStillar systems?

Yes. In Wall and Famly it is necessary to descale the boiler from time to time, it depends on the components in the feed water to the system. The descaling can easliy be done by yourself.
In Works the system is a flow through system, where the build up of deposits is minimised – but not completely avoided. WaterStillar staff will clean/replace what is needed under the WPA agreement.

Will the system make more drinking water if we can accept a lower water quality?

No. This question relates to filters – but distillation is different. The distillate is always of the same quality – if more water is needed there are only 2 ways of getting more: Add more evaporation/condensation energy until the maximum possible 24H production rate has been reached (eg nighttime electrical power supply) – or buy another system.

Will WaterStillar Family boil and risk exploding the hot water tank ?

No. Unlike (all) other solar hot water systems, Family is self limiting. It will never exceed the boiling point due to the initial design. No need for security valve.

What are the differences between distillation and reverse osmosis filter?

Besides from the different technologies and very, very short: Distillation eliminates contaminants, filters reduce contaminants.