TDS meter

 38.00 excl. moms ( 47.50 incl moms)


Professional electronic device which measures water conductivity (concentration of substances in ionic form in water). Easy to use.

TDS is a professional electronic device for measurement of substances dissolved in water (TDS – Total Dissolved Solids) which adopt the form of ions. The result is expressed in mg/l or ppm (parts per million) and depends on the quality of water.

It can be used to check the water treatment quality before and after the cleaning process. The device is set for NaCl solution (342 ppm). „HOLD” function allows you to keep the measurement result displayed to be able to read it more easily.

Please note that a TDS meter shows all different kinds of dissolved solids in the water and not ony the water hardness.

How to use: Take off the lid, switch on, stick the end into room temperature water and see the reading within a second.