Softening cartridge

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Modern softening cartridges filled with ion exchange resin, designed to allow optimal contact of water with the bed and effectively reduce the issue of hard water (high content of calcium and magnesium). This means longer service intervals – less descaling of our systems.

Comes in 3 different sizes. The 10″ standard size will cover most WaterStillar Wall and Family installations. The larger BB-versions are for commercial usage or if you want to split the waterflow into 2 – for your WaterStillar and eg your washing machine.

Cartridges are filled with ion exchange resin (cationite in a sodium form) with a high exchange capacity of calcium and magnesium ions. Our softening cartridge helps you to reduce the problems with hard water in your system. Our cartridge was designed to enable the longest possible time in which water stays in touch with the filter bed. Water flows through the cartridge axially (upwards), remaining longer in touch with the filtration resin. In combination with high ion exchange capacity of the resin it deprives water which has passed through the cartridge of practically all calcium and magnesium ions. 
– remove calcium and magnesium from water
– prevent from scale formation
– 5 μm pre-filtration
– partially remove sediments
– dissolve existing scale deposits

Technical specifications

Dimensions N/A
Service life

10" standard: 6 months or 2000 liters
10"BB: 6 months or 3000 liters
20"BB: 6 months or 4000 liters


10" BB, 10" Standard, 20" BB

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