Iron removal filter

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Modern cartridges filled with fine-grained catalytic media. It removes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from filtered water in a simple and effective way.

Cartridges are filled with a fine-grained catalytic media (certified by NSF). The cartridge is designed to enable the longest possible time in which water stays in touch with the media. Water flows through the cartridge axially (upwards), remaining longer in touch with the filtration bed. In combination with catalytic properties of the media, it deprives water which has passed through the cartridge of practically all iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. This is what reduces the issue of rusty stains on the fittings, metallic taste of water and unpleasant rotten egg smell – and prolongs the lifetime and service intervals on the WaterStillar systems.

Should only be used if the feed water is high in iron.

– remove iron and manganese from water
– prevent from stain formation
– 5 μm pre-filtration
– partially remove sediments

Technical specifications


10" BB, 10" Standard, 20" BB

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