In-line carbon filter w/silver

 17.00 excl. VAT ( 21.25 incl VAT)

Advanced, in-line carbon cartridge which contains silver impregnated activated carbon. Compared to a normal carbon filter, this filter prevents bacteria growth inside the filter for a longer time.

Cartridges contain high quality coconut shell silver impregnated granulated activated carbon. Addition of silver protects cartridges against the development of microorganisms inside them and extends their service life efficiently.

The structure of our cartridges was designed in such a way that their assembly and replacement is easy and does not require any specialized tools. The size of grains enables water to stay in touch with the bed longer and to provide maximum contaminant adsorption. The cartridge is perfect as post filter in WaterStillar sytems and as purifying cartridges in fridges with ice makers, coffee machines and water dispensers.

– silver prevents microbiological growth and increases cartridge service life

– removes chlorine and organic substances

– improves taste and smell of water

Technical specifications


10" x 2"

Service life

1000 liters or 9 months as pre filter.
12 months as postfilter in a WaterStillar system


¼" quick connection

Max flow

3,5 liter per minute

Working temperature