In a lovely place, close to the sea in Denmark…

In a summer rental house, far, far away on a peninsula stretching out into the sea in Denmark, there is a small house that you can rent. Upon recently, drinking water had to be shipped in in bottles. After sailing in and pulling a WaterStillar Wall system by hand to the house, the guests can […]

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First WaterStillar Wall installed in Sweden

We are glad to inform that first customer is enjoying a WaterStillar bath and WaterStillar glass of drinking water. The installation is in a 100 year old forest house, in the southern parts of Sweden. . The house is used as summer house and therefore there is not a constant flow of water from the […]

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Demo WaterStillar Works in Greece

First installation of WaterStillar Works in Greece at the lovely CocoMat resort in Serifos, where the remote location and troublesome ground water quality means that all drinking water comes in bottles to the island of Serifos. This is the case for most of the Greek islands. Plastic bottled water is trucked to the islands on […]

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WaterStillar Wall granted development support

AquaDania A/S has been granted support in developing WaterStillar Wall by InnoBooster in Denmark.

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