Hotels and hospitality

Make perfect drinking water locally. Avoid plastic bottles, waste and transportation.

Fact sheet

We build to order. Size and configuration differ.

Volumes: From 100 to 1000 liters / day

Size: 8ft and 20ft containers

Connections: Feed water in; Drain water out and drinking water out

Night time/overcast operation: Yes, via 2kWh+ heater

Noise: None, silent

Placement: Where the container can be unloaded by crane.

No investment
No maintenance
Fixed price per liter

We will build, ship, install and maintain the system.

You only pay a fixed for the drinking water.

WaterStillar monitor the system remotely and will direct debit the monthly usage according to the WPA (Water Production Agreement).

You check the water quality by 3rd party laboratory and have the responsibility to keep pipes, dispensers and refillable bottles clean.

WaterStillar can only provide this service in areas, where we are established. Please check with us.