For your life.

Picture of Tom Juul Andersen, the founder and developer of WaterStillar systems.
Tom Juul Andersen
Founder and developer

At WaterStillar we build our equipment to bring you the best drinking water money can buy. We are not the biggest in the world, but we are serious about being the best.

It is our intention to make complete solutions. Not just products that are superior within their field, but complete solutions that will enhance the basic quality of our drinking water. As you will see, we go the extra mile in every respect: quality, convenience, service and environment. Clean water is the most important thing in our world – and it is our commitment to provide it to as many people as possible, year after year.

Access to drinkable fresh water is one of our biggest challenges. It gets worse every day. The challenge is therefore to have a piece of sustainable, rigid, long lasting and simple technology at the point of use, that can turn water into drinking water. That is what we offer.

It is our goal to provide solutions for many, not for the few. Our roadmap is to build the best and then find ways to bring prices down – so that those in most need can afford a system. Further developments, local manufacturing and shortcutting the distance between manufacturing and customer is our strategy.

A small step, but an important one for the future.

WaterStillar. For your life.

Tom Juul Andersen
Founder and developer


WaterStillar is brought to market by AquaDania A/S, a daughter company of an IPR Holding company in Denmark, which retains an exclusive right to exploit all business opportunities under the WaterStillar technology through existing and future patents. AquaDania holds the right to 4 patents.

AquaDania is intended to become a fully regional partner driven business which forms JV-based agreements with local partners to build local WaterStillar branches for primarily the B2B market. The B2C products is sold through this website or local partnerships.

The trademark “WaterStillar” and the WaterStillar logo are copyrighted by AquaDania and the websites, waterstillar.com; aquadania.com is owned by AquaDania A/S and so does Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.

What do we do

AquaDania A/S is the home of WaterStillar. We mainly develop, protect and develop IPR, manufacture and ship our technology to our branches. We also do QA, brand marketing and training of local WaterStillar staff.

Local WaterStillar branches mainly sell, install and maintain systems. And keep our customers happy.

What we stand for

Quality is not optional: “Buy quality and you buy once” we say. We build things that last.

Customer service is everything: Any product or solution is not better than the people who stand behind it.

Integrity is non-negotiable: We are responsible, reliable and balanced. Or: Every day we try to do the right thing.

Our water will change you and the world: Enjoy it and go out and make a change to the world

Attitude over skills: We hire attitude. Skills can be learned.


AquaDania A/S was started in 2003 with an idea that today is the WaterStillar Works system. Extensive product development, patents, some +40 prototypes, 3rd party documentation and year long field tests took the company through some years of trial and error, before installing first Works systems in Egypt in 2010. 

In 2014, the idea for WaterStillar Family and Wall was born. Goverment support made it possible to develop these products in 2014-2020 and can now be bought.

AquaDania consist of a few full time people, a network of 10-20 people working ad hoc, some very helpful sub-suppliers and scientific institutes. We are based in Denmark and are establishing branches abroad, one by one.