Solar powered drinking water

WaterStillar turns your tap water into the cleanest possible drinking water. For decades. At home.

The WaterStillar Wall is the smaller water purification system delivering both drinking water and hot water for bathing. The WaterStillar Wall is the electric solution.

WaterStillar Wall

Our electrical system for a small family. Clean drinking water and hot water in a compact Scandinavian design.

The WaterStillar Family is the solar-driven water purification system for families who need 15 litres of drinking water per day in addition to their hot water.

WaterStillar Family

Our solar system for your home if you live in a sunny place. Clean drinking water, and hot bathing water in one system.

The WaterStillar Works is a larger water purification unit intended for businesses and organisations.

WaterStillar Works

Our solar system for places with many people. Schools, hotels, offices. We sell the water, not the system.

Know your water

Drinking water can contain an almost endless list of contaminants and chemicals. Can distillation or filtration remove them? We did the research for you, and have collected all the information in our contaminant database.

1 million bottles every minute…

The plastic bottles for water is the the biggest source of plastic waste. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and this will increase by some 20% by 2021. Only 10-20% is recycled and the rest ends up in landfills or in our oceans.