You can have the world’s cleanest drinking water

WaterStillar turns your tap or well water into the cleanest possible drinking water. In your home. For decades. Completely sustainable.

Distilled, not filtered

Distillation is natures way of cleaning water.

Distillation takes water out of water and eliminates any kind of contaminants.

Built to last

We go a long way to design and build the best systems we can.‚Äč

The idea is that it will work for decades, saving ressources and trouble.


We use no chemicals, no plastic, create no waste and no noise.

We reuse energy and love free solar power !


Decentralized water purification. Transport and plastic bottles are a thing of the past.

You simply tap water where you get thirsty.


Avoid thousands of contaminants in your drinking water.

Take control of your drinking water and have guaranteed clean water.

Our systems

WaterStillar Wall

Our electrical system for a small family. Clean drinking water and hot water in a compact Scandinavian design.

WaterStillar Family

Our solar system for your home if you live in a sunny place. Clean drinking water, and hot bathing water in one system.

WaterStillar Works

Our solar system for places with many people. Schools, hotels, offices. We sell the water, not the system.

What does a WaterStillar remove and how does it compare to other technologies?

Drinking water can contain thousands of contaminants. Can distillation or filtration remove them? We did the research for you, and have collected all the information in our (growing) contaminant database.